Bed Bug (Adult shown here)

Why can they be considered pests?
Bed bugs feed mostly at night and bite their host as they sleep. If feeding is undisturbed an adult can become engorged with blood in 3 to 5 minutes. They generally target uncovered skin such as neck, hands, arms and legs.

When biting, an anticoagulant is injected into the skin which causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed. Redness, welts, bumps and itching are also some of the symptoms of being bitten. These symptoms may be mistaken for mosquito, flea or other types of skin rash.


How do we deal with them?
A variety of treatments are used to control bed bugs. A combination of vacuuming, steam, dust and residual chemicals are used to eliminate the infestation. At times several applications may be needed.  The necessary care is taken to perform the treatment so it will have the fullest affect.

As a customer what are my responsiblities?

The more closely the client follows the "Room Preparation Before Bed Bug Treatment" sheet provided by Safe Guard 24/7 Inc. the better the results will be in eliminating bed bugs.

Cost of Treatment:
$475.00 and up for a 1-2 bedroom apartment (includes 3 visits)




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