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We Can Get Rid of Those Cockroaches!

Why are they considered pests?

Cockroaches reproduce at an “Alarming” rate. Asthma attacks can be triggered and allergies aggravated by the cast-off skins of the nymphs, dead cockroaches and fecal droppings. 

While it is a rare occurrence, some people are at risk from anaphylactic shock and death from cockroach debris, which involves difficulty breathing and a drop in blood pressure.

How do we deal with them?

Depending on the severity of the case after inspection there are several options available.  Baiting is usually a first step but in severe cases sprays may be necessary to flush out the cockroaches from hidden areas.  A program will be designed to deal with each specific situation.

As a customer what are my responsibilities?

Cockroaches frequent kitchens, food storage areas and bathrooms. They will eat a variety of stored food and food that has fallen onto undetected surfaces (i.e. behind appliances, sinks and counters) which is why sanitation is so critical to minimize re-infestation.

Cost of Treatment and Program Length:
starting from $175.00 depending on program selected, severity of infestation, size of dwelling and number of visits.

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