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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are active.

Carpenter ants have woken up from their dormancy state.  The queen has now laid eggs and foraging activity has started due to the voracious appetite of the growing larvae. 

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant

These ants can live for years and can be very destructive to your home.  They hollow out galleries in water damaged wood for the colony to live in.  Don’t delay in getting an inspection if you see ants in your home!

In the outdoors, carpenter ants are a very beneficial species, feeding on many pests and creating galleries in rotting wood to further decomposition.  But they can cause extensive structural damage if their existence goes untreated.

The outside main colony can contain up to 20,000 ants but satellite colonies can be located indoors. They create nests in water damaged wood and humid places i.e. window frames, damp locations behind baseboards.

How do we deal with them? 

First we determine if there are nests indoors as well as outdoors or if they are just entering the dwelling in search of food.  It is very important to locate the main colony so it can be destroyed.

As a customer what are my responsibilities?

Because of the alarming rate of spread it is important for you to call a professional.  They can be very hard to get rid of.
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