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Have Earwigs? We Can Help!

Why can they be considered pests?

Earwigs are mainly an outdoor insect but can find its way indoors through cracks while looking for a dark, cool, moist place to spend the day. 

They do not carry disease but hungry nymphs feed on buds and seedlings, causing limited damage to flowers, fruits and vegetables. 

How do we deal with them?

A spray treatment can be applied around the perimeter of the home to keep them from entering.

As a customer what are my responsiblities?

Earwigs like moist, dark areas.  Remove rotting wood from property.

Cost of Treatment and Guarantee:
 $125.00 with a 90 day guarantee (3 months) for 900 sq. ft.

Don’t delay! Contact us now to get rid of your earwigs.
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