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Why can they be considered pests?

Flies vomit and leave feces behind when they land on your food and food preparation areas thereby spreading bacteria and disease.  They transmit more than 30 microbial diseases such as E-coli, salmonella, dysentery, cholera and others.

How do we deal with them?

Through a combination of fly lights, foams and sprays the fly population can be managed.

As a customer what are my responsibilities?

In order not to attract flies, good sanitation practices are essential.  Garbage areas need to be kept away from entry doors and lids should be kept on refuse bins.  Spills need to be cleaned up. Screen doors are also helpful.

Cost of Treatment and Guarantee:

The cost of fly treatments varies depending on the setting and whether fly light(s) are required (ie. restaurant, warehouse etc.) Call for pricing.
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